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Microchip is demonstrating its new MPLAB Xpress IDE and development board.

This is significant as it takes their development environment (IDE) into the cloud.

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Automobile paint-only and customizing facilities, which are engaged in repainting used motor vehicles and trucks, but do not perform collision repair work, are also included in this definition.

Mobile auto body painting operations, which employ temporary spray booths meeting the design criteria specified by paragraph (A)(4)(g) of rule "Available information" means, for purposes of identifying control technology options for a major MACT source, information contained in the following information sources as of the date of the MACT determination by the director: For any existing electric utility steam generating unit, baseline actual emissions means the average rate, in tons per year, at which the unit actually emitted the pollutant during any consecutive twenty-four-month period selected by the owner or operator within the five-year period immediately preceding when the owner or operator begins actual construction of the NSR project.

The Administrator has authority to issue any such permit.

Except as otherwise provided in paragraphs (a)(2)(v) and (vi) of this section, and consistent with the definition of major modification contained in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, a project is a major modification for a regulated NSR pollutant if it causes two types of emissions increases - a significant emissions increase (as defined in paragraph (b)(40) of this section), and a significant net emissions increase (as defined in paragraphs (b)(3) and (b)(23) of this section).

element14 announced the launch of the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

The new generation board is faster and more powerful than ever before, and comes with built-in Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Relying upon these sources, 11 sites, clustered within the Kalihi, Aiea, Kalaeloa and Mililani areas, have been identified for initial consideration.

Identifying, evaluating, and ultimately selecting the best site options for developing a new OCCC will ensure that Hawaii’s criminal justice system functions in a high-quality manner while addressing the need for modern, efficient and cost-effective institutions for current and future offender populations.

The requirements of paragraphs (j) through (r) of this section apply to the construction of any new major stationary source or the major modification of any existing major stationary source, except as this section otherwise provides.

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