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Personally, I find plenty of story ideas in each and every issue of the magazine, as well as learning more about various seafood topics.

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Episodes from the first series are also regularly shown on Discovery Real Time, DMAX UK, Discovery Travel & Living, and Discovery Home & Health.

The programme is shown: On 21 March 2007 it was announced that rival broadcaster ITV1 had commissioned a new daytime programme, House Guest from Granada Productions, a part of the same company which also produces Come Dine With Me.

First broadcast in January 2005, the show has either four or five amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants.

Each competitor then rates the host's performance with the winner winning a £1,000 cash prize which was announced by the competitor who hosted the dinner party on Friday.

i Pura has been supportive of Boston bloggers for several years and they understand the value of social media.

They have also been extremely supportive of seafood issues and have helped elevate the visibility of the International Boston Seafood Show.

After selling thousands of her cake pops and cakes on HSN in past visits, Delaney was invited back to sell more of her signature items to viewers who have come to recognize her brand’s high quality products.

This time, Delaney showcased a cupcake set perfect for Valentine’s Day featuring hand-created fondant owls, delicate flowers and hearts as well as her Sparkling Rose Cake featuring fondant, glitter, and white sugar roses.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my products with a national audience.” All items will be available on as well as at Cakes for Occasions’ Danvers storefront or you can order them online at

About Cakes for Occasions Cakes for Occasions in Danvers, Massachusetts specializes in making the finest gourmet cakes and pastries.

The format for House Guest is very similar to that of Come Dine With Me, in that several contestants visit each other's houses over a week, in which they host dinner parties and grade each other out of 10 in private, even the scoreboard layout is the same.

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