Jasmin chat man sex - Katrina kaif and ranbir kapoor dating 2016

After being in a relationship for years, actor Ranbir Kapoor has finally spilled the beans of his marriage.

The actor said he is getting married to his girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

Asked at a promotional event if she would sign another film with Kapoor, an otherwise elusive Kaif surprisingly revealed, "It's very difficult.

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And so just because we have a lot of time on our hands, we began to make conjectures as to what made them broke off.

Some said, it was because Ranbir was a philanderer, some said it was because Ranbir’s mom, Neetu Singh, was not too happy with Katrina while some blame Katrina’s renewed proximity to Salman Khan as the reason. KATRINA KAIF JUST DOESN’T GET RANBIR’S ‘FUNNY’ JOKES! Disclaimer: The above article is meant to be taken in a light manner.

Even though both the stars are still coming together to promote Jagga Jasoos, a movie that suffered a bit due to their breakup, all is not well in la la land. In all of the above posters, Ranbir looks like he just cracked some joke, and the girls are laughing at whatever he cracked. And no guy likes it when a girl doesn’t crack up at their jokes, even after three attempts! Sometimes, a little laughter is seldom a cause for worry!

But I am sure many still want to know what made them go their separate ways, and for you snoopy guys, we have cracked the mystery… Now Ranbir and Katrina had acted in three movies and this is how their posters looked like… It’s not that Katrina doesn’t have a sense of humour…she can laugh at Sidharth Malhotra’s jokes, after all!

Well, for those who actually did, their dreams came true and we all got to see Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif together in real life.

While both of them were quite open about their previous relationships, they chose to keep this one hidden from all.

Recommended Read: 6 Most Romantic And Inspiring Bollywood Couples Interestingly, Ranbir and Katrina were introduced to each other by Deepika Padukone in 2008, whom he was dating at that time.

It was Katrina’s birthday bash where Deepika took Ranbir along.

We have planned to tie the knot by the end of next year.

Both of us have agreed on that.” Since, the duo is busy with their work commitments as of now, Ranbir being busy with his upcoming movie ‘Bombay Velvet’ and Katrina gearing up for Cannes, nothing is being done as of now, but their roka ceremony is likely to take place by the end of May. I have grown up in a family where film is everything.

It was the same party where Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan had their infamous brawl.

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