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Disclaimer – First things first, we’re not saying this applies to “every” man in the country.

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The documentary follows three people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression.

But film focuses how similar their frustrations and setbacks are, even though their disorders are very different.

The Food & Recipes section of the Health category is a very useful field of that has attracted several readers, especially female ones all over the world as it reveals several secrets related to foods, diet plan, and meals.

Here you will also have a chance to discover numerous recipes for delicious and nutritious food dishes and you can try to make at the comfort of your own home to enjoy with family and friends.

Today we are premiering Beyond Silence, a #Be Vocal Speak Up documentary that shows how the power of one voice can inspire and help so many others.

We follow three different people –Jeff, Lauren and Lloyd – whose lives have changed by speaking up for mental health.

Health and related issues are always big concerns of people at all ages and of all genders as if we are sick, we cannot do anything well.

The Health category of offers 3 smaller topics to discuss: Nutrition, Food & Recipes, and Sexual Health.

They were found to be happiest with their friends, followed by family members, and least happy if they were alone (Larson, Mannell, & Zuzanek, 1986).

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