Dating dokkum

Just need to check if there are other options on the market.

Iam contacting Auke van Dokkum about his stripping plate. Thanks Hlder Auke Van Dokkum is/was the premier metal craftsman and magic prop maker in the Netherlands. As far as he making anything now, I got the impression that he retired.

The north of Fryslân, roughly north of the Frisian capital of Leeuwarden and the old cities of Harlingen and Franeker, is relatively lightly populated, a land of meadows, windmills, quiet villages and old churches, some built on "terpen", the artificial hills dating back to the Middle Ages, which the Frisians built as an escape when the land was flooded during storms.

One of the villages that seems to intrigue many because of its name, is Sexbierum, about 12 kilometres north of Harlingen.

I'm David - former worker bee at WFMU, WXYC, & Internet Archive and recent NC/DC/NYC transplant.

A few of my sounds make their way here and I've got some old video projects here.

When scientists had estimated previously how many stars there were in the universe, they assumed that all galaxies had the same ratio of dwarf stars as in our galaxy, which is spiral-shaped.

Much of our understanding of the universe is based on observations inside our Milky Way that are extrapolated to other galaxies.

For our part, we put together a diverse one-hour mix of sun-themed Creative Commons tunes from the FMA.

We tried to cover a lot of musical ground, so you'll hear soundart, field-recordings, ambient electronic, chiptune, folk, pop, punk, funk, psych-rock, free-jazz & more.

The night sky may be a lot starrier than we thought.

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