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The interior interfaces causing extra scattering result from the extra effective degrees of freedom of the graphene structure, namely the valley and sublattice pseudospins.

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In that context, researchers have intensively studied graphene 'nanoribbons'—infinite, straight strips of graphene of constant width—both theoretically [5]–[23] and experimentally [24]–[31].

Most of the theoretical effort has been focused on nanoribbons of essentially constant width.

The chemistry of single feldspar grains, in particular the K content in different grains, is determined using wavelength dispersive spectrometry (electron microprobe), revealing an average 12.9 wt.% K of the grains contributing to the IRSL signal.

D e distributions are investigated in order to gain insights into partial bleaching, and agreement is found for quartz OSL and feldspar IR50 and p IRIR225 ages for small aliquots and single grains when applying the Minimum Age Model.

From the evidence in historical coastline records, the PJ sand dune is an inland sand dune and not a coastal sand dune.

Based on further information of climate and temperature change after the Little Ice Age (LIA) and human activity in northeastern China, we conclude that the PJ sand dune accumulation was very likely impacted by the immigrants and land reclamation at the end of Qing dynasty.

Riccioti (54) received this honor for his “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” (Mu CEM) building project for one of the world’s most popular and France’s most spectacular museums.

LANXESS invites its stockholders´ to the Annual Stockholders´ Meeting on May 26, 2017, a.m. Follow the speech of LANXESS CEO Matthias Zachert in our live-webcast.

The fading corrected IR ages are consistent with quartz ages for two sandy soil samples but overestimate those for six sand samples.

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