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It’s intensely scatological in a Bukowski/Henry Miller sort of way, a faux-autobiography of Barris’ dick and its surprising and plentiful misadventures.is the work of a man who, despite his lazily cultivated persona as an amiable goofball meandering his way through a stoned, charmed life, read a lot of books and in a different lifetime might have written a bunch of books as well.planted the seeds of what would become the modern reality dating show — there was the sassy bachelorette, the suitors vying for her attention, the winking double entendres, and, of course, the celebrity guest appearance.

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Although he is often referred to as a comedian, Kaufman considered himself a "song and dance man." Kaufman is best remembered for his portrayal of the "Foreign Man," who would perform inept and incomprehensible impressions of Americans celebrities--and then do a dead-on impression of Elvis.

Kaufman appeared on the first episode of saw Andy's Foreign Man, at which point they wrote a part for him.

Hit or miss – Kaufman gave it a shot, and one can only learn from mistakes. By , Kaufman has still only uttered one word, and gives Letterman a look pure confusion.

Thanks to You Tube, the world can now enjoy all the outrageous television antics of Andy Kaufman. Five seconds later Kaufman has a look of concern, possibly even fear, and ten seconds later his face has transitioned to a look of understanding, while he name is keyed over the screen.

Remembrances by celebrities who knew him or (as in the case of Jim Carrey) were being primed to play him a few years later.

Andy was wildly unfocussed and scattered in his routines.

In fact, there is probably an older group of people in the world who still don’t understand that the joke was on them. That’s the brilliance of Kaufman – one never knew if his jokes were planned, improvised or Kaufman being Kaufman.

Regardless, the comedic timing of Kaufman was crafted over many years, and his wide variety of talents made him the ultimate entertainer.

There aren’t a lot of memoirs by important television producers that mostly involve fictional anecdotes involving murdering Communists at the behest of the CIA, bar-fighting and having bad, dispiriting sex with beautiful women.

There’s pretty much only endures as well because it is an eminently worthy addition to the grand canon of Jewish Literature involving self-hatred, sexual neuroses, and incoherent rage.

Though it’s far from the best film in his oeuvre, nevertheless fits in perfectly with Kaufman’s other cerebral, pitch-black explorations of fame, celebrity, sex, power, and desperation.

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