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To drive interested people to the bot, space150 is promoting the open positions using Instagram Stories, a format the agency is comfortable with after used it for several ads, including one of the first to appear in Stories for Nike, Lampert said.

In the story, space150 shares information about its offices and the chatbot number. "We looked at some competitors’ intern videos and they were all like, ‘Hey kids, come work here, it’s cool,’ with corny voiceovers," said Lampert. We wanted to come up with a totally different approach." It’s already been a success, according to Lampert.

In a week, the chatbot has received more applicants than the geofilters did by the end of space150’s recruitment period last year.

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With a signature “haters gonna hate,” Trump’s bot brags about his wealth, hotels, casinos and wives!

In keeping with the gossip and drama that surrounds Beiber’s real life, Justin Beiber’s chatbot answers questions about his career in music, acknowledges his fans affections, shares his latest You Tube videos and tells them about what he liked and doesn’t.

Last week, the Minneapolis-based agency, whose clients include Nike, Buffalo Wild Wings and American Express, began searching for its next crop of summer interns using a custom SMS chatbot. "The majority of the work we do ends up on that [mobile] screen," said Ned Lampert, creative director at space150.

"We’re in that world so much that it felt like the right platform for it." Since the agency is only looking for 10 interns across its Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles offices, the chatbot also helps to weed out potential interns.

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