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“My career has never been thought out,” he insists. If you want to know what made Gere such an electrifying screen presence early in his career, watch him as Diane Keaton’s charismatic but abusive lover in Richard Brooks’ (1977.) He’s a restless, prowling figure and you can’t take your eyes off him. “I went over to his house at the appointed time and I was ushered into a room with a tea table and one straight back chair. He said ‘you have half an hour.’” Gere started reading and discovered that Brooks had “blacked out everything that wasn’t my character.

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As she grew up in New York, John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands were frequent houseguests, but Lane's parents separated when she was still young, and during the ensuing years of custody dispute she was kidnapped and largely raised by her mother. She toured Europe in stage productions before puberty, without either of her parents, tended to instead by her castmates.

She was just weeks past her 13th birthday when she made her Broadway debut in The Cherry Orchard with Meryl Streep and Raul Julia.

Still, she earned enough in her early stardom that Lane became a millionaire on her 18th birthday.

She starred in a series of films for Francis Ford Coppola, including Rumble Fish and The Outsiders, both with Matt Dillon, and the large-scale flop The Cotton Club with Richard Gere.

But, in the end, the reality was that the more questions I asked about the character, the further he was away from me. As he grows older (he’s now 67) he no longer has to worry about being a heart-throb and starring in movies like (2017). but the incredible list of brilliant directors and actors and writers I’ve worked with, you know I’m kind of amazed myself that I’ve been able to ride this career this long with such good people.” .) He was worked with major directors from Richard Brooks to John Schlesinger, from Terrence Malick to Paul Schrader, Francis Ford Coppola and Mike Figgis.

Put it to him that it must be liberating to escape the straitjacket of movie stardom and he responds in an indignant fashion. Yes, there were the romcoms with Julia Roberts (but there has never been any hint that he has appeared in films simply to further his career. He bridged old Hollywood and new Hollywood,” Gere remembers the but refused to show it to the actors until shortly before shooting began.

You just take it for granted.” If you live in New York, he adds, you are almost bound to have “a Jewish sense of humour.” “In my memory bank, my experience bank, there are versions of Norman that I’ve know for 45 years.” Gere continues.

“You know, spending time in synagogue, understanding much of the cultural psychology of where Jews came from and how they’ve learned to cope in the world was important to me. That became clear the more I explored him.” To the outsider, it seems as if Gere is in the Indian summer of his career.

This passionate swimming pool moment is clearly a testament to what good actors they are, and nowadays the pair get on fine.

Danes even called Di Caprio a "genius" during awards season.

There’s something about the predatory silver haired fox that never gets old!

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