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Firstly, thank god for your horoscopes, i have been drinking them up like zap zone juice for advice during all the weirding.I was feeling SO STRONG because i’ve quit sugar, am eating paleo, doing 90 minutes of training at the gym every day and plugging away at my good projects in Saturn Girl mode, but a Leo policeman has sent me bonkers, triggering all my stuff! But I fear that this Leo policeman is retriggering them!Joyce Mc Kinney was 25 when she met Kirk Anderson, a hulking 19-year-old Mormon, in drama class at Brigham Young University in Utah.

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Take as Needed for Pain is devoted to Hank's full-on punk and metal sounds rather than his old-school honky tonk numbers, and while on one hand it's funny that the traditionally conservative Curb Records has released an album featuring Black Flag and ANTi SEEN covers (not to mention two numbers from an Eyehategod tribute set), the truth is this album shows Curb is running out of ways to recycle Hank's catalog.

Hank's tear through Black Flag's "No Values" (first released in 2004 on Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three) is inspired, and his fusion of acoustic country and doom metal on "Torn Between Suicide & Breakfast" and ANTi SEEN's "Ruby, Get Back to the Hills" is bracing and unique, but Hank barely appears on "Get Outta My Life" (from the Rebel Meets Rebel album, with David Allan Coe backed by members of Pantera), and the title track is a ten-minute experiment that wears out its welcome fast.

But it was judge Darcey Bussell who really gets full marks from us. The retired ballerina looked beautiful in a nude gown with a heavily embellished bodice.

But the best bit is that a quick spin reveals the draped necklace detail at the back.

George was still riding his 1974 chart-topper "Rock Your Baby," while Gwen had scored a Top Ten hit of her own shortly afterward with "Rockin' Chair." Although they'd been pursuing solo careers, in fact they'd recorded as a duo in the early '70s, so Together was not so much a new pairing as a reunion, though ironically they'd separate romantically not long after it was done.

"Rock Your Baby" in particular is regarded as a pivotal early disco record, but the Together album isn't a straight disco outing, though some disco's involved.It's a bespoke version of an Amanda Wakeley wedding gown and if you want to find out more then click (right) now. Nobody does embellished dresses quite like Needle & Thread or Frock and Frill.Worse was to come when James and I took part in a P&O cruise organised by BBC Worldwide.Curb is practically releasing floor sweepings as Hank Williams III albums at this point, and while fans of Hank's over the top rock might enjoy a few tracks on Take as Needed for Pain, this is simply a sign of blatant disrespect to the artist, who had nothing to do with its compilation or release. George Mc Crae and his wife, Gwen Mc Crae, were just past the peak of their popularity when they recorded the 1976 LP Together as a duo.The pilot, Jackson Shaw, recalls in the new film being ‘impressed’ by Mc Kinney’s ‘outstanding figure’, particularly when she wore a see-through blouse and no bra at their first meeting.

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