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The sense of adventure and mercantile spirit that spurred on the Armenians of Persia farther east in the 17th-18th centuries did not let them call it quits in India alone. John the Baptist, for example, still stands in Burma (Myanmar), although the community there has long since dwindled.

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And there is even evidence of Armenian traders in Lhasa, Tibet, as early as the 1680s. Armenians were a notable presence in the world of trade and industry in Singapore, Penang (Malaysia), Java (Indonesia), Hong Kong, and Japan during the 1800s, up to the early-to-mid-20th century.

The island city-state of Singapore – with its strategic location on the world’s shipping routes – is particularly well-known as the location of some noteworthy Diaspora achievements.

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The first Christian church of Singapore was built by Armenians there in 1835, consecrated the following year. Gregory the Illuminator, the Armenian patron saint, and stands today as a national landmark.

The famous Raffles Hotel of Singapore, for its part, was Armenian-owned and -operated.

Originally from Calcutta, Chater made his way to Hong Kong, where he entered the finance industry and took on land reclamation and development, alongside other enterprises and interests.

He was responsible for much of the development of Hong Kong at the turn of the century.

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