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However for a complete and definitive understanding of the pay practices of any company, users should refer directly to the actual, complete proxy statement.

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The author describes in detail how the company has systematically slashed employee benefits over the course of two decades.

“Walmart has been hacking on its benefit and pay structure for years to save on cost,” he says, including merit-based raises, profit-sharing programs and full-time hours.

Following a series of articles from Walmart employees describing what it’s like to work for the world’s largest private employer, Gawker has just published an anonymous email from a much different perspective: a longtime store manager.

The current assistant store manager was compelled to share his own experience after reading several accounts written by store associates.

Even though Walmart has a reputation as a low-paying and demanding employer, there are some jobs that pay very well and report high employee satisfaction — especially if you are in management. Store manager is one of the best jobs you can land at Walmart, according to Joni Holderman, a professional resume writer and founder of Thrive! “Few people realize that Walmart store managers can earn $150k to $250k-plus per year in salary and bonus — if their store achieves all its performance targets,” she said.

A former Walmart store manager, who worked for the company for more than eight years, wrote in a review on Glassdoor that Walmart has a “great compensation package” and gives you “a chance to work with a diverse group of associates and customers.” While employee satisfaction rates are high and the pay is great, this job does not come without its stressors.

Assistant managers must have at least two years of college experience, or one year of retail and one year of supervisory experience.

Job duties include meeting store sales and financial performance goals, ensuring compliance with procedures, managing and supervising associates, and enforcing customer service guidelines.

Walmart assistant managers average ,000 a year, which is right on target for the national average salary, according to Glassdoor salary data.

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