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“We never really looked at it much,” daughter Pam Cross explained.When their father passed away in 1991, after a lifetime in Fairmont, a cousin, Hickory, who lived in Alabama had a request.You know how teenagers are,” daughter Cindy Cucovecki said. The soldier’s father had meticulously chronicled William Carl (Bill) Shingleton’s entry into the armed forces in 1942.

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and his wife would not make headlines beyond the 3,700 people who swap gossip at the Junkyard Dog Steakhouse and Big John’s Bar-B-Q.

But it is, now that it’s a matter of record that Lori Barber is leaving her husband for State Senator Joey Hensley, one of the staunchest opponents of LGBTQ rights in the Volunteer State.

Goal: Jesus said that God will not even see worship which is not "in spirit." That does not mean "out of your mind." It does not mean doing "things" as long as we have a good mental attitude.

Rather, it means that worship takes place only in our mind which is "in spirit" or "in the spirit." Jesus said temples were not the PLACE for worship.

This story first appeared in the February 21, 2017 issue of Variety. A long drive winds through open meadows and dense copses of mature hardwood trees to what listing details describe as a recently renovated “gentleman’s lodge” with six bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms in just over 4,000 square feet.

If the commute by car is too cumbersome, listing details say a helicopter can be landed on the vast lawn in front of the rustic-luxe lodge that’s fronted by an inviting veranda with a couple of porch swings.And Hensley — who in 2012 declared he was a “family values” Republican — has more in common with his married lover than just their illicit affair. reports court documents identify Hensley, who is a doctor in private practice, as Barber’s second cousin.And Hensley is her employer; she works as a nurse in his office. Hensley is prolific at writing prescriptions for pain medication for her.The Bizzy Boys at Celebrity Address Aerial kindly sent word that multi-platinum selling country music superstar Jason Aldean has Jack Black Ridge, his hunting estate near Centerville, Tenn., up for sale at a smidgen under .6 million.Aldean, winner of the 2016 Academy of Country Music Award for Entertainer of the Year and estimated by the bean counters at Forbes to have hauled in more than million in 2015, acquired the picturesque rural retreat in early 2012. The secluded spread, about an hour outside of Nashville, sprawls across more than 1,400 rolling and heavily wooded acres with established trail systems, numerous creeks that run year-round, food plots for gardening, and handfuls of deer stands and feeding stations for hunting deer and turkey.Most of these are "files" rather than novels and we stuff ideas, quotations and "spider web links" to hundreds of other articles or off site links.

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