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Of course, we’re talking about Tom Brady—three-time Super Bowl MVP, husband to the world’s most beautiful woman, all-around sports-world Benjamin Button—who, this weekend, is vying for his fifth Super Bowl victory.Brady has learned plenty since he became coach Bill Belichick's go-to guy in 2001.

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” Cesar Millan has certainly come a long way from when he entered the United States as a 21-year-old immigrant from Mexico.

From working as a dog groomer in San Diego to training dogs for A-list celebrities, and finally running his own reality television program, .

If things weren't working out for me in high school, in college, early in my pro career, my solution was always to work harder and internalize.

That way, whenever I got an opportunity, I was always prepared. They say they want to work harder and be the best, but they never pay the price. Are you ready to do the drill and take a few lessons from Tom Brady?

By his teens, Millan had decided on a career as a Hollywood animal trainer. S.-Mexico border proved the greatest obstacle to Millan's plan, however, and he decided to enter illegally by paying a guide to take him north from the foothills around Tijuana, the border town opposite San Diego.

He made it safely across, but wound up living on the streets of San Diego for a month before he was able to find work.His first job was at a dog-grooming business, and when clients saw how well he soothed their nervous canines they began asking him if he could train the animals, too.He realized that there was a serious need for better caretaker-pet relationships in his newly adopted land, as he told another writer for the New York Times , Edward Wyatt.Bring these five tips to work and watch your management skills sharpen before your eyes…and your boss's too.For more great tips, check out 25 Life-Changing Lessons from Super-Successful Men "You choose to be quarterback, you take on a lot of other things.But the funny thing is that it turns out Brady knew a few key things before he even got the job.

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