Sexy public cam chat rooms - What to expect when dating a policeman

Uniforms can be attractive of course, but don’t be surprised if your friends start making quips about handcuffs, doughnuts, and truncheons. We’ve all seen those ‘Boozy Britain’ type documentaries about drunkenness on Saturday nights.

Date a cop – or anyone who deals directly with the problem – and you’ll tend to become aware of the serious side of it.

And what about those Police Husbands who’s wives are the thin blue line?

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Things happen in the blink of an eye that can be disheartening for the wives and children of police officers, as well as the officer/husband/father himself.

Not only is he upset because he cannot keep the plans, but he is sad that he let his family down yet again.

I have comforted my children and made up for these times by doing something else that is fun for them, all the while wishing my husband could be there with us.

Many times I would see other families out and about and I wished I could be them. I especially felt this way on weekends when my husband was working the weekend shift – those times were quite lonely.

Perhaps products like the ones above are just mass-marketed bravado designed and purchased by police wives to convince themselves they really want to be in the law enforcement marriages that most of them will end up leaving.

Law Enforcement Today reports: “We all know that the divorce rate for the nation sits right at about 50%, but did you know that the rate for officers is 60-75%? Approximately one quarter of the officers who are married will still be married to that same spouse at the end of their careers.

There is also constant worry when you are an officer’s wife. Will something terrible happen to him while he is at work?

When my husband was on graveyard shift (the shift I most despised), I would stay up most of the night listening for his voice on our police scanner (bad idea! It somehow made me feel safe – like I was right there with him.

Here’s our top eight signs that you’re in a romantic situation with a police officer – just in case you were in any doubt…

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