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"Amazon has the mind share for Kindle, much like Apple had the mind share for i Pod long before it had any significant sales or market share numbers. [It will take] excellent marketing and a significant budget to overcome that," said Rob Enderle of Enderle Group.

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Freevideochat with sex girls - When is sony updating its e readers

The PRS-T1 was definitely one of the best e-readers out there, and its successor the PRS-T2 continues that line. Out of all the models in this round-up, the PRS-T2 made the best impression.

It responds slightly faster in every regard, from loading books to turning pages to refreshing the screen.

Click on the Renew icon to place an advance hold on titles you currently have checked out.

Renewing puts you in line to borrow a title again once your first checkout expires.

Kind of a bummer for me as I couldn't update software I couldn't install.

Some digging however got me to this Here's the saddest part.

Every year we see a new iteration that is faster, lighter and more surprisingly, cheaper.

Since last year the company only carries a single model e-reader.

I usually read them on long plane flights, except reading on the laptop on a plane is unsatisfying and lasts only a few hours until the laptop battery dies.

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