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She further explains how the “unfaithful” member may experience resentment, impatience, or grief after their partner learns of their infidelity (Glass, 2003). ” Unfaithful partners tend to become uncomfortable with such questions, possibly out of fear of speaking the truth and doing further damage, or because of powerful feelings of remorse, guilt, and shame.

I see this often in my practice, where the betrayed partner will desperately seek to know why their spouse was seeking sexual fulfillment outside of their marriage. Either way, whether they respond reluctantly or openly, the damage is already done, and it will take a lot of time and work to make right that which is now broken. Patrick Carnes (2001) provides a powerful illustration of a man addicted to cybersex, who being the CEO of his company, was spending 30 hours a week having cybersex.

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Sometimes the conversation doesn’t take place out of ignorance.

Other times one or both partners is afraid of the reaction their boyfriend might have, that their feelings might get hurt or that they’ll be denied access to an activity they enjoy.

I was glad that he didn't spend too much time on the technical side of it and focused more on fun stuff like some of his stories and his ideas about male and female relations and how they can play out over the computer (which i have to admit were pretty funny and might shock some younger or inexperienced readers).

Overall, it's a great book if you want something light and easy to kill a few hours and have a few laughs.

2013 was not a great year for the online porn industry.

Content producers were hit by new mandatory condom regulations to help promote health and safety on porn sets while production was shut down for several days due to performers failing standard STD tests.

The funniest, most outrageous "how-to" book you will ever read.

"Bill Gates called his book 'The Road Ahead' maybe I should have called mine 'The Lay Ahead'" (Dan Theman) I bought this book becasue I've dabbled in the cyber-dating thing and i thought it would be fun to see what an "expert" had to say.

Whether married or dating, if your relationship has been impacted by your partner’s use of pornography or cybersex, you may have experienced the utter feelings of betrayal and the emotional trauma that often follow in these situations. Shirley Glass, in her book Not Just Friends, addresses these notions of betrayal and trauma in the context of infidelity.

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