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Already, developers can use official accounts and bots to reach and interact with users away from mobile apps, but now the experience is all the richer.There’s no app store to house the programs — Apple doesn’t allow apps to house app stores — so instead they are found by searching inside We Chat or scanning a QR code, such as those printed on ads on the subway in cities or other places, as is popular in China.She covers the Pearl River Delta and southern China extensively, reporting on politics, civil unrest, the environment, and construction and infrastructure.

In warning Communist Party officials, the notice also detailed previous offenders who crossed the red lines.

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the i Phone, a device that practically invented the smartphone genre in itself, but, over in China, a modern bellwether of the mobile industry rolled out its own vision of the future.

Getting someone to download an app is tough in the first place, yet retention is another challenge.

China continues to crack down on online media after the government announced that it is investigating three of the country’s most influential social networks for hosting illicit content.

Plenty of research has shown the love-hate relationship smartphone owners have with apps.

A study from Nielsen found that consumers spend 85 percent of mobile browsing inside apps, but less than a dozen get the bulk of their attention.

Tencent's We Chat is an instant messaging platform that allows users to send text, photos, videos and voice messages over mobile devices.

It has more than twice as many monthly active users, 396 million, than Sina Weibo on 143.8 million, but most We Chat users send their messages privately rather than sharing them publicly.

The month-long campaign follows a similar clampdown last year on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like microblogging service whose popularity has been hit as China's censors have tightened their grip.

It also comes amid a string of violent attacks that Beijing has blamed on separatists from the mainly Muslim far-western region of Xinjiang, and ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square killings.

According to the National Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Publications Office, the account under the name "Saohuangdafei" will provide the latest information about crackdowns on pornography and illegal publications.

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