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” RALLY IN DOWNTOWN BEND FOR TOWN HALL IN BEND WITH REPRESENTATIVE GREG WALDEN For the fifth consecutive Tuesday, local congressional advocacy groups will hold a rally in Downtown Bend at the corner of Greenwood & Bond, near Representative Walden’s Bend office on Bond Street.

Last week was the first time that we were met with an organized counter-protest which appeared to be organized at the behest of Walden’s staff.

According to posts by Robert Eck of the “Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association” on “The Oregon Tea Party” Facebook page, they responded to “a plea for help” from the staffer after the Valentine’s Day Rally because demonstrators “stormed her office and bullied and intimidated the office staff members”.

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Below is a chart that shows the types of delegates that have historically attended Litigation Funding Conferences.

Below is a chart that shows the Litigation Funding Conference overview based on delegates' feedback.

The attendees, meanwhile, had some very rigid ideas about what they were looking for.

Men said they wanted a "kind-hearted" wife, not too beautiful and flighty, but modest and homely.

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