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Munculnya petisi tersebut tentu memicu pro-kontra di dunia maya. "@erlyzz_d kepo mba sampe tau klw oki ini haus pujian (yang kritik dia lewat dm di block,dia juga boong pernah ikut short course di ummul quro, pake bulu mata palsu & kontak lens emang boleh dlm islam? "Heran sm org jaman sekarang yg minta disebut ustazahkn bkn mba oki tpi ad org yg mnta mba oki dicabut gelar ustazahnya.blang ini lh it lh.kmu yg memfitnah mba kmu lbih baik darinya setidaknya dia bisa lebih bermanfaat dngan berdakwah.ketimbang kalian yg bisanya membuat petisi yg gk jelas," bela akun @shakia_salsabila.Pembuat petisi tersebut meminta agar menghentikan tayangan yang menyiarkan Oki Setiana Dewi dengan penyebutan gelar ustazah.

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The Opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) said that Tiwari should either quit or be sacked. A protest demonstration was held outside the governor's residence.

The Andhra Pradesh Raj Bhavan issued a rejoinder to the television channel on Friday evening and described the sex tapes as a "tissue of lies".

The "to the tick tock ya don't stop" soundbite is sampled from Doug E.

Fresh's "La Di Da Di." The bassline and the "I know you not gonna sing that song!

Aryandra Sharma, OSD to the governor, said, "It (the video telecast) was a fabricated, false and malicious story attempting to tarnish the image of the governor." However, the television visuals left little to the imagination.

It showed the three women and an elderly man - which ABN Andhra Jyothi claimed was Tiwari -almost fully undressed and engaging in sexual acts."I Wanna Sex You Up" is a song by Color Me Badd in 1991, released as the first single from their debut album C. The song spent three weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart and reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100, behind both "More Than Words" by Extreme and "Rush Rush" by Paula Abdul. It achieved a huge success in the US, UK and New Zealand, where it reached #1 on the charts. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, but topped both the Billboard R&B and Dance charts.The channel claimed the clippings were of a bedroom at Raj Bhavan.A division bench of the state high court later issued an injunction prohibiting the channel from showing the clippings. carried an advertisement on the so called exclusive visuals involving Tiwari that would be telecast - were stunned by the shocking video footage.Uniknya, pembuat petisi tersebut bernama Oki Setiana Dewi, nama yang juga sama dengan orang yang ia petisi. Oki setiana dewi melakukan intimidasi terhadap masyarakat yang memberikan kritik dengan kata-kata amat sangat tidak pantas (bisa dilihat di akun

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