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Many manipulative people learn these dysfunctional ways of behaving when they are children.A common cause is when parents are authoritarian and leave no room for their children’s opinions and input.“I don’t care if there’s an election coming, we’ve got to set all of that aside. It has been a pattern, particularly, in this council, in the last four years.” While Pincott said one only need to look at how the two females on a 15-member council are talked down to and treated to know there’s a problem, Ward 10 Coun. “There’s intimidation that goes back and forth on all sides of this, whether it’s male intimidating female, or females intimidating males,” Chabot said.

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In the wake of five recent complaints to city hall’s integrity commissioner concerning distracting or intimidating conduct during council meetings, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he’s troubled by “erratic behaviour” from some councillors.

“I am concerned that we’re starting to see patterns of behaviour, maybe even erratic behaviour, from some members of council, as they relate to the others,” Nenshi told reporters Monday.

Some sectors of society have reacted positively, claiming that the said legislation affirms human dignity, but others have expressed concern, contending that there are no viable alternatives to corporal punishment.

Naong (203) maintains that abolition of corporal punishment in schools has left a gap which cannot be filled and that it has led to all kinds of disciplinary problems in schools.

This is why many people on the receiving end of manipulative behaviour are aware that something isn’t quite right but they can’t come up with any specifics.

This can lead the ‘victim’ to doubt their perceptions and sometimes wonder if they are going crazy.

I have put together a list of common examples of manipulative behaviour.

By its very nature- manipulative behaviour is sneaky, deceptive and devious.

Strategies purposely devised to deal specifically with the identified types and causes of disruptive behaviour are explained.

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