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Free 5-day trial As if you haven't had enough of what I'm about to tell you in various high school and college classes: practicing safe sex is very important.

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Organizations around the world recommend condom use ...

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Barclay points out that while laws […] I want to say upfront that I have accepted I am limited in my understanding on certain topics and that I have to depend on others to provide me with the voice of their community.

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That's what this lesson will be about - the important points about the different major types of diseases you can get from unprotected sex, what symptoms and signs to expect, and what the treatment options are.

But he was still going to prostitutes, using pornography, and masturbating at work.

About six months before he called me he met Louise.

This episode of ASHA’s Sex Health podcast features a chat with Lynn Brown Rosenberg, author of My Sexual Awakening at 70: And What Led Me Here.

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