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featured in the Adult Swim animated program Metalocalypse and a real band created to perform the band's melodic death metal music in live shows.

Both bands were created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha.

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The owners of a Dethklok website try to steal a recording of the song.

8 October 2006Dethklok struggles with parenthood after they adopt an overweight, mentally deficient boy.

1 October 2006Dethklok's home Mordland opens its gates for visitors on Deth Fan Day.

The fans get to see the band members "in their natural habitats", and get treated to a special one-time only music video.

Brendon Small is set to release his second solo album, Brendon Small's Galaktikon II, which is considered to serve as "a new Dethklok album", due to Adult Swim holding the rights to the band name.

follows the on- and off-stage adventures of Dethklok, the world's most popular and heaviest heavy metal band. Skwisgaar Skwigelf: It means nothing because, heavy or not, the world is a black vortex of black Nothingness and I hate our audience. Like you get used to a room filled with the smell of roses until you go into a room with a rotting corpse smell - then you go back to the roses room and extra appreciates it a greats degrees better.

His quest runs across the gamut of faiths, from attending a Christian Rock concert, to sitting in at a service at the Church of Satan.

23 September 2007General Krosier has amnesia about what happened in the Gulf of Danzig.

The band is so popular that thousands of fans will travel to a remote area of Scandinavia to hear them perform a single song: a jingle for a coffee company. Q: The band has both the world's fastest and second-fastest guitarists alive in it.

So popular that these fans will sign "pain waivers" in case anything truly horrible happens to them at a show, which invariably occurs.

The band struggles to perform everyday tasks, including shopping for groceries, preparing food, and maintaining proper social relationships.

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