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PLANO, Texas — Two brands of jalapeño potato chips have been recalled by Frito Lay over possible salmonella contamination.

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The recall affects all sizes of the chips including single-serve, those part of a multi-pack and in vending machines.

The affected brands were distributed throughout the country have a “guaranteed fresh” date of JUL 4 or prior printed on the front upper panel of the package.

I would get first, of course, and Matt would follow as a close second, which is why we had to make a recipe out of our Jalapeño Burger. We thought the portobella mushrooms would be best seared up on a skillet and then pressed down to make them more bun like, and we were right!

The times we do make burgers we DO NOT go easy on the toppings. You have the perfectly medium-rare patty, which naturally needs some cheese. Raw mushrooms don’t taste quite as good as they do when they are cooked down in their own juices.

The second floor retains most of the original décor from the previous tenants, a speakeasy bar called The Book Room.

(We hear that the second floor is currently up for grabs.) The colorful catalog of a menu offers the typical range of Tex-Mex, including crowd pleasers like Jalapeño poppers (RMB38).

The truth about burgers is that Matthew and I can eat them all day long! essentials for a burger, but the real beauty is that you can top the burger with whatever you want or have in the house!

If we entered into a burger eating contest we would win first and second place. And, of course you want a little cool down from the guacamole. You can go basic with some cheese and a lettuce wrap or you can throw in an egg, bacon and guacamole to kick up the fat and protein notches. Normally, we go the lettuce bun route, but we wanted to try something a little more hearty.

Brought to you by the guys behind Spanish tapas restaurant La Bota, Jalapeño is a new casual Mexican eatery on Weihai Lu (one street away from Dagu Lu).

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