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And things continued to get worse, when former Hellions leader Emma Frost was taken into the X-Men, and was appointed to help Scott control his powers.

Scott had truly fallen for Emma and in the process began having an affair with.

Dear Sandy, Paul and I send our love and prayers are with you at this time of Kay's passing. It is never easy and something we would like to not have happen to us but it is a part of the plan.

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But it all started to unravel when James Logan (Wolverine) joined the X-Men, Jean had an immediate attraction to him, which caused big problems for him and Jean, they eventually reconciled, but that didn't last long.

As Jean's powers started going out of control, she gradually drifted away from him and he did the same, Jean leaned to Logan more often than she would Scott while dealing with her problems.

They are portrayed as mutual friends and appear to worry about each other's well-being (Vivi tries to defend him when he's cornered by Lewis and Arthur tugs her out of the mansion and shoves her into the van when they are making their escape).

Before Lewis' death Arthur seemed to be unhappy with Vivi and Lewis dating.

As time went by, the two grew closer, especially when her and Scott were drifting apart, Jean confided in James often, specifically during her battle with her overtaking powers, and once Jean found out about Scott and Emma's psychic affair, she told him right away, and he comforted her every step of the way.

The two later ended up making love, shortly before her death.

Arthur appears to be a more cowardly member of the Mystery Skulls.

His reactions to the various events occurring in the mansion are proof of this.

Follows the Camden family as the minister father and stay-at-home mother deal with the drama of having seven children, ranging from toddlers to adults with families of their own.

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