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His 'heartbroken' wife Louise today posted on his Facebook page, called 'Ben's Bowel Movements', to say that her husband had 'found peace'.In the emotional post she added that he was surrounded by his loved ones and she was 'in awe of the time we have been blessed with'.She wrote earlier today: 'Dear friends who have followed Ben and our family on our Cancer Adventure. We are grateful this wasn't a marathon and his last days were spent surrounded by those he loves and we were able to keep him at home.'We would appreciate your words on this page.

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Of the nearly 1,200 athletes, 313 reported participating in a single sport and training in that sport more than eight months out of the year.

That said, acute injuries from a single traumatic event are more common in athletes who engage in a team sport, notably football, cheerleading, and soccer. As we age, we engage in team sports less and less, and tend to pick up solo endeavors—like marathons and triathlons—that tax certain joints and muscles, which is why it's important to cross-train and strategically strengthen the muscles that protect your vulnerabilities.

For the sake of accuracy, clinical diagnoses were collected from patients’ medical records, after which injuries were classified as acute, overuse, or serious overuse.

Turns out young athletes who engage in an individual sport (like track and field) are more apt to suffer the pain and symptoms of overuse injuries, due to the repetitive nature of their training, as compared to those who focus on a team sport (like basketball).

Ben Ashworth was told he had just months to live five years ago but was determined to raise money for charity and started to run long-distance races.

Mr Ashworth, from Preston, recorded his journey online after he ran the Blackpool Marathon in 2014.

Since then, the former librarian has gone on to complete 24 marathons, including ones in Greater Manchester, Temple Newsam and London last year.

He was running for three charities, Beating Bowel Cancer, the Rosemere Cancer Foundation and Mummy's Star.

If you started honing your athletic prowess at the tender age of 7, became a young Djokovic or Bolt by the time you were 13, then suffered a total-body breakdown by the time you graduated high school, you're in good company.

Loads of young athletes who specialize in an "individual" sport from an early age—particularly gymnastics, tennis, and dance—are at higher risk for overuse injuries than young athletes in team sports, according to new research from Ann & Robert H. athletes from primary care clinics after all completed a survey indicating their gender, sport type, and sport-related injuries from the prior six months.

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