Microsoft project wbs code not updating

Application Settings Set Status Date Locate tasks for updating Work = Units x Duration Updating Tasks without Resource Assignments Outline Codes for IMP/CWBS Updating Tasks with Resource Assignments Importing External Macros Customize Existing Ribbon Path Tracing (Manual Filter) Project Compare Report Excel Updates White Paper Microsoft Project has three measures of Percent Complete: Duration percent complete (%Complete), Work Percent Complete (%Work Complete) and Physical Percent Complete (Physical%Complete). The white paper attempts to explain the differences.White Paper This is probably the most common question people ask and I am amazed why they do not know the answer. The denominator is the key and the units have to be consistent.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.

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Overview BBWhat's new in the Project 2003 database About the Project Database BBSupported databases BBLoading older versions of Project into the database BBUpgrading the Project database from an older version Database Permissions and Configuration BBRequired permissions BBConfiguring the database BBPerformance tuning BBEnsuring data integrity How Information is Stored in the Project Database BBCalendar data BBTimephased data BBNotes BBCustom field values BBSplit tasks BBTask links BBEstimated duration values BBBaselines Working with Projects in the Project Database BBCreating the Project database structure BBDSN requirements and limitations BBConcurrent usage and project locking BBAppending XML data to existing projects Adding and Changing Rows in the Database BBSetting the flags required to enable updating project data in the database BBSpecifying times with dates BBDuration, work, rate, and cost values BBUsing the text conversion tables to retrieve strings Creating Project Schedule Data BBCreating a new, non-enterprise project BBCreating an inserted project BBCreating a new, non-enterprise resource BBCreating a new, non-enterprise calendar BBSpecifying calendar working time and exceptions BBSpecifying resource availability BBSpecifying resource rates BBCreating a new task BBCreating a recurring task BBCreating task dependencies BBCreating a new assignment BBCreating or modifying an assignment actual-work order BBCreating splits in scheduled work BBCreating or modifying an assignment remaining-work order BBManaging timephased data BBCreating or modifying task-percent complete contours BBDeleting a contour Customizing Project Data BBSpecifying custom text fields BBSpecifying custom number (cost) fields BBSpecifying custom date, start, and finish fields BBSpecifying custom duration fields BBField attributes BBSpecifying custom WBS codes BBSpecifying custom outline codes BBSpecifying custom aliases for custom fields BBSpecifying formulae for custom fields BBReading and writing RTF notes Managing Other Data in the Database BBSpecifying an e-mail address BBRetrieving cross-project link project/task references BBRetrieving the names of sharer files BBOutlining with summary tasks and subtasks BBEditing work on a summary task assignment BBRetrieving workgroup message status BBSpecifying hyperlinks Database Processing Order, Conventions, and Abbreviations BBProcessing order of externally edited data BBStandard processing order BBTable naming conventions BBColumn naming conventions BBColumn name abbreviations Database Tables BBInformation-only columns BBBold column names BBColumn data types BBMSP_ASSIGNMENT_BASELINESBBMSP_ASSIGNMENTSBBMSP_ASSN_ENTERPRISEBBMSP_ATTRIBUTE_STRINGSBBMSP_AVAILABILITYBBMSP_CALENDAR_DATABBMSP_CALENDARSBBMSP_CODE_FIELDSBBMSP_CONVERSIONSBBMSP_DATE_FIELDSBBMSP_DURATION_FIELDSBBMSP_FIELD_ATTRIBUTESBBMSP_FLAG_FIELDSBBMSP_LINKSBBMSP_MV_FIELDSBBMSP_NUMBER_FIELDSBBMSP_OUTLINE_CODESBBMSP_PROJ_SECURITYBBMSP_PROJECTSBBMSP_RESGLOBAL_SECURITYBBMSP_RES_GLOBAL_BINARYBBMSP_RES_SECURITYBBMSP_RESOURCE_BASELINESBBMSP_RESOURCE_RATESBBMSP_RESOURCESBBMSP_STRING_TYPESBBMSP_TASK_BASELINESBBMSP_TASKSBBMSP_TEXT_FIELDSBBMSP_TIMEPHASED_DATA This document provides the information necessary to create and update project data directly in the Microsoft Office Project 2003 database while maintaining the consistency and integrity of the data.

Note BBThe information in this document does not always apply (or may be different) for enterprise project data stored in the Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 database.

I'm spending almost all of my time working in a schedule (with /- 2500 lines) that was first setup by someone else and when I insert new tasks or move existing ones around, project doesn't automatically adjust the WBS the number so that it matches the sequence of the tasks.

So after I've put tasks into the order that I want them, I have to edit the WBS so they are in order.

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It can be found on the Project Server 2003 CD-ROM in the \SUPPORT\DATABASE folder.

Top The Project database has been expanded (1 new table) and includes the following overall improvements: Top The following sections detail what databases are supported by the Project database and how to load and update legacy projects into the current version of Project.

Watch these demos: Exporting MS Project 2003 data to Excel Preparing the Excel Data Creating an "S" Curve in Excel is really a matter of using that Excel chart wizard.

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