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When you are done, your page will look something like the following: The walkthrough will illustrate a number of concepts: To access the data, you will need a connection to the database you want to read from. However, because the Update statement does not return any records, the code for executing the statement is relatively simple.

You will also need several command objects — two to read data from the database using SQL Select statements, and a third to update the database with a SQL Update statement. Security Note User input in a Web Forms page can include potentially malicious client script.

Because a majority of Web applications involve reading data and not updating it, one-way data binding keeps the size and complexity of the page architecture to a minimum for the most common scenarios.

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I am very new to access so it might be something simple. The simple answer to that is because it is calculated. Because if for any reason that the values change, then you have to update many fields and rows of data in order to keep the information accurate.

Best practices is that you NEVER will store calculated values or Expressions as you're putting it.

I tried to make the table, then use a bound form, but I had issues making some other SQL in the program work. But I would agree with Mark's recommendation of using a bound form, which would eliminate the need for the SQL altogether.

I was under the impression that the brackets were used to denote text vs numbers as input! I intend to split this database as to have multiple users in at once.

If I use a form to generate a billing reciept, which, for example, calculates the cost by comparing hours worked against charge per hour, wouldn't it make sense to permently store this reciept record into a table?

Hello all, I have an issue with a form updating all records in a table except for the very last record for some reason.

The Web Forms data-binding architecture allows you to bind control properties to a data source, making it easy to display data on the page. To enhance the Web Forms page you have created, you might want to explore some of the following ideas: Walkthrough: Creating Read-Only Data Access in a Web Forms Page | Introduction to ADO.

However, the data-binding architecture does not support updates — that is, data binding is one-way in Web Forms pages. NET Connection Design Tools | Introduction to Data Command Objects in Visual Studio | Executing a Data Command That Returns a Result Set | Executing Updates or Database Commands using a Data Command | Setting and Getting Data Command Parameters | Concurrency Control in ADO.

SO, I am on the uphill side of this learning curve, and its hard going.

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