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and more dragging new readers into the fold by their collars, one of the things we’ve often been asked for at The Mary Sue is some pointers on how to get started buying comics.As a veteran weekly comics purchaser I find this totally reasonable, because buying comics is a retail experience that’s absurdly non-intuitive compared to the experience of buying any other kind of mass-market print publication.When I discovered Ladies Night at the store an hour away, I got involved and got on their pull list specifically for graphic novels and trades.

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Not long after moving into the new house, we realized that there just wasn't enough room my ever-expanding comic book collection.

And so, with a heavy heart, I canceled my account with my local comic book store, and started the process of re-subscribing to all my comic books digitally, via Amazon's Comixology service.

It has an excellent panel-to-panel Guided View mode, digital comics that release on the same day as print editions, high-definition comic book files that render stunningly on HD displays, and a new Unlimited reading plan that can save you lots of dough.

Simply put, is a near-perfect combination of digital comic book store and reader.

This shifted all the burden of unsellable inventory to the publishers (they even paid return shipping!

) and freed up bookshops to take risks on new titles, and though some publishers have pushed back on the idea in the intervening time, it’s still mostly how things work in US book publishing these days.

How Works You begin by creating a dedicated Comixology account.

Purchased digital comics are tied to your account, so you can access the books via your PC's Web browser or one of Comixology's Android or i OS mobile apps. When I stopped reading on, the Android app asked if I wanted to continue where I'd left off in the browser when I opened the same issue on my Google Nexus 6P.

I try not to get too carried away with the list, so I only end up with two or three to pick up each month.

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