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Late in the 19th century, the Jews living in Germany and Austria collectively rejected their "choseness" and were assimilated by their host nation. Gentile society was their social environment of choice, and Germany their beloved motherland. Precisely when Jews rejected their claim to "chosenness," they suffered the most virulent forms of anti-Semitism.

In fact, they believed that the non-Jews among whom they lived were the true chosen people. Another test of the Chosen People theory is to see how humanity responds to other peoples who claim to be "chosen." If the claim that Jews are chosen gives rise to anti-Semitism, then all groups who make similar claims of having been "chosen" should also become targets of persecution and hatred.

I think the real question is whether the “Chosen People” idea is indeed a legitimate cause of anti-Semitism – or whether it is merely another excuse.

If Jewish "choseness" is in fact the cause of anti-Semitism, then hatred against the Jews should disappear when Jews drop the claim that they are chosen. The Jews in Germany and Austria experienced the most vicious outpouring of anti-Semitic hatred in history.

Let Cosmo play mushy-moments director and push you to pack as much lovey-doveyness as possible into your daily duo.

That means seizing every opportunity to sweeten up even the most seemingly unsentimental times together.

He is missing a critical enzyme which breaks down high levels of old or worn out red blood cells in his body.

Not only does this cause him to occasionally have yellow-tinted eyes, but it can lead to a potentially fatal build-up of toxins in his liver.

A four-year-old boy has to spend 20 hours a day living under bright blue light just to keep him alive.

Ismail Ali suffers from an extremely rare liver disease known as Crigler-Najjar syndrome, which affects only 100 people across the world.

While long-term love is no doubt a wonderful feeling, lust is delirious.'Lust is primitive, wild and edgy.

We need risk and a hint of danger to continue to see our partners as sexual beings,' Tracey said.

Here, easy but so-worth-it ways to jump-start both of your hearts.

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