Gods predating jesus Live 2 way chat adults

For example, anyone who has ever read will know that many biblical stories are plucked straight from the story, including the flood myth and the virgin birth myth.

For over a century, various authors have drawn a number of parallels between the Christian views of Jesus and other religious or mythical domains.

which is not the same as saying Christianity lacks pagan influence.

I was thinking about writing an article on the German (de.)site regarding the Horus myth and its alleged similarity with the Jesus myth.

The problem I got into is: I found quite some well done and reasonable-sounding claims of this, but when I tried to search for real evidence I didn't get far. But to write anything about it in a scientific manner I'd really need something more then repeated claims.

As an agnostic, I am fascinated by religion and the idea of faith and belief, across all religions spanning the entirety of human existence.

Some of the most fascinating projects that I did in college involved comparing ancient mythology to modern religious beliefs, finding similarities and multiple parallels.

This leads us to the next area of investigation—do the mythological gods of antiquity really mirror the person of Jesus Christ?

(Before It's News)I studied history in college, and spent a lot of my time researching ancient civilizations and comparative religions.

As Dan Brown claims in The Da Vinci Code, “Nothing in Christianity is original.” To discover the truth about the claim that the Gospel writers borrowed from mythology, it is important to (1) unearth the history behind the assertions, (2) examine the actual portrayals of the false gods being compared to Christ, (3) expose any logical fallacies being made, and (4) look at why the New Testament Gospels are trustworthy depictions of the true and historical Jesus Christ.

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