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I love to hear you talk, when you are so sedate as you seem now to be.I had been told that the English were cold and sedate: I found them charming and full of humour."Distinctly," he answered in his sedate, veiled voice and then coughed a little.

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Inhalation sedation is also sometimes referred to as relative analgesia.

Sedation is also used extensively in the intensive care unit so that patients who are being ventilated tolerate having an endotracheal tube in their trachea.

Sedation is the reduction of irritability or agitation by administration of sedative drugs, generally to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.

Examples of drugs which can be used for sedation include propofol, etomidate, ketamine, fentanyl, lorazepam and midazolam.

You may have taken antihistamines in the past and found it hard to concentrate or stay awake.

For many people, sedating antihistamines, also called old, classic, or first-generation antihistamines, cause sleepiness, grogginess, and slow reaction time.

We grew sedate; sedate were the brows of the few strangers we met.

Grave and sedate, as if knowing the sorrowful thoughts of his master.

English definition of Sedate : cause to be calm or quiet as by administering a sedative to; The patient must be sedated before the operation Tags: Hindi meaning of Sedate, Sedate meaning in hindi, Sedate ka matalab hindi me, Sedate translation and definition in Hindi language.

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