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The handsome golfer Martin Kaymer is for sure one hot piece of eye candy, and here at Fab Wags we wonder who could be the lucky wag dating or married to this hunky golfer. Who is Martin Kaymer’s current girlfriend or wife????

German Martin Kaymer, 29, born in Dusseldorf, has been playing professionally since 2005. Over the years, we have seen Kaymer in the company of some beautiful ladies, starting with his ex-girlfriend Jenny who we met back in 2008.

But there is nothing remotely bad about these women. I understand that if she were any more dressed she would be the Unibomber.

But the good people at Maxim have a way of finding the hottest photos from around the world.

They get paid to play a game that many of us do on our off hours.

They get a boat load of cash thrown at them by sponsors, and if that weren't enough, they go home to some remarkably beautiful women.

To this day, Kaymer keeps his mother’s favorite flower, a sunflower, on his bag.

So we’ll be honest here, we may have dropped the ball.

The image at right was taken at the 2009 Ryder Cup, where Micheletti accompanied her boyfriend Martin Kaymer.

The Golf Channel had this to say in announcing Allison's inclusion in Daughter of former professional hockey player and current New York Rangers television analyst Joe Micheletti, Allison is a late bloomer to the game of golf, switching to the game at age 17 following a knee injury that sidelined her basketball career.

You may have known about The Ice Man Martin Kaymer who used to reign as the number one in golfing fraternity a couple of years back.

But how familiar are you with the handsome stud Kaymer who have won hearts of strings of beautiful women?

As for Martin Kaymer, some people said he could be dating golfer Sandra Gal..

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