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other, are not really contradictory, and mean the same thing. began to be annulled, and the bishops and priests ordained by them were compelled to be re-ordained. Between 13, 114 of them were burnt, martyrs to their misconception of Evangelical poverty and Papal infalli bility; for they were among the first champions of that theory, then still new in the Church. at last made some satis faction to the " Spirituals/ by letting the works of their prophet and theologian, D Olive, be re-examined, and, in. And when the touching the sacred vessels, and the words accompanying the rite, are given as the form and matter of Ordination, it follows that the Latin Church for a thousand years had neither priests nor bishops- nay, like the Greek Church, which never adopted this usage, possesses to this hour neither priests nor bishops, and consequently no sacraments except Baptism, and perhaps Marriage. After the Papal claim to infallibility had taken a more definite shape at Koine, Sixtus v. has made the Pope of the day the one vehicle of His in spirations, the pillar and exclusive organ of Divine truth, without whom the Church is like a body without a soul, deprived of the power of vision, and unable to deter mine any point of faith that such an opinion, which is for the future to be a sort of dogmatic Atlas carrying the whole edifice of faith and morals on its shoulders, should have first been certainly ascertained in the year of grace 1869, but is from henceforth to be placed as a primary article of faith at the head of every catechism.

The declarations of Popes which con tradict the doctrines of the Church, or contradict each other (as the same Pope sometimes contradicts himself), will have to be twisted into agreement, so as to show that their heterodox or mutually destructive enuncia tions are at bottom sound doctrine, or, when a little has been subtracted from one dictum and added to the D 50 Papal Infallibility. with the more emphasis, " since what the Popes had once defined in faith and morals, through the keys of wisdom, their successors could not call in question." ] John con demned the writings of D Olive, and several more of their theologians, and handed over the whole community of the " Spirituals," or Fratricelli, as the advocates of extreme poverty were called, to the Inquisition. If this decree of the Pope were really a rule of faith, the Eastern Church would have only four sacra ments instead of seven ; the Western Church would for at least eight centuries have been deprived of three sacraments, and of one, the want of which would make all the rest, with one exception, invalid. determines in this decree the form and matter, the sub stance, of the sacraments, or of those things on the presence or absence of which the existence of the sacra ment itself depends, according to the universal doctrine Errors and Contradictions of the Popes. He gives a form of Confirmation which never existed in one-half of the Church, and first came into use in the other after the tenth century. What is given as the essential form of the sacrament was unknown in the Western Church for eleven hundred years, and never known in the Greek. [The same conspicuously untenable explanation was adopted in the Dublin Review for January 1866.-TR. nor the other apologists of the Koinan Court, troubled themselves with it.

Their daughter Jean Roberts married William Owen Davies and are my parents.

What assistance was given by the kind lady I wonder?

By 1871, daughters Catherine and Margaret were no longer living at Cae Merddyn.

Joseph and Margaret Jones were my great great grandparents.

Their daughter Margaret married Charles Goodman Roberts, my great grandparents, whose son Owen John Roberts married Sarah Michell Jenkins.

In the summer of 1677 the Kent arrived from London with 230 English Quaker settlers on board.

They landed on what was then an island off the east bank of the Delaware River, fifty miles north of Salem. Within eighteen months some 800 Friends had emigrated to West Jersey. What became Philadelphia Yearly Meeting met first in 1681 in Burlington, before the city of Philadelphia had been founded.

without pastors, gathering in "silent expectant waiting worship") Although Europeans first settled in what is now New Jersey as early as 1630, and Friends ministers traveled through the area from time to time as early as 1656, the first Friends to actually settle appeared along the Raritan River in 1663.

Quaker settlements followed at Piscataway, Woodbridge, and Newark, then in Shrewsbury, where a meeting was settled by 1670.

Wake Forest, NC 27587 HICKS - GGGrandfather Abner Hicks born 1814 in Greene. Charles Road Ionia, MI 48846 REYNOLDS - Am looking for information of Samuel Reynolds and wife Abigail Belden(Belding) who had a son Samuel born 1803 in Greenfield, Greene County, New York Ruth lovstad VAN SCHAICK (altern: V. Schoick/etc) - I am looking for information regarding reasons behind the desolation (death/divorce) of my Great Great Maternal Grandparents Albert and Sarah Amelia (Van Woert) Van Schaick of Coxsackie, NY who wed in 1850 & bore four sons Charles Bois (b) 1851, Peter (b) 1853, Nicholas (b) 1853-1855 & George (b) 1858. Dwight Bacheller, children's grandfather, became guardian in 1868.

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