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Ansell said on Thursday it had reached an all-cash deal with China's Humanwell Healthcare Group Co Ltd and CITIC Capital China Partners for its condoms business.

In the age of smartphones and frictionless-dating apps, sex addiction is like being hooked on a drug that's always available in unlimited supply.

That’d be the ghostly Texas ranch occupied (barely) by her mother (Ellen Burstyn), the kind of woman who shuts herself in her room, kills lizards with abandon, and keeps sheets over the furniture so the maid doesn’t have to waste her time cleaning it. Claire’s not simply looking for refuge while she figures out her separation from Frank, who is still on the campaign trail and fuming over her absence.

She’s got political aspirations and seeks out the services of Dallas political mastermind Leann Harvey, played by Neve Campbell.

Investment in digital marketing in China is now higher than investment in TV.

This event report discusses and questions several myths about luxury shoppers in China.

According to the map, the first sexual intercourse comes at 16 in the U. The atlas tells us that 60% of marriages around the world are arranged so there's little choice of partners in most marriages.

The age difference between prospective partners is interesting.

These include: that this group of shoppers just wants to accumulate more things, that they like direct mail, and that they enjoy flaunting their wealth.

This case study shows how Canesten, a vaginal medication brand, successfully overturned its declining sales in Hong Kong by creating an original web series that allowed women to learn and talk about vaginal yeast infections.

Nonetheless, the book provides a fascinating insight into the cultural geography of sex and reproduction. The quickest sex in the world takes place in Thailand with 10 minutes and Russia at 12 minutes. and France, where people report having sex more than 130 times a year.

Sometimes the data, maps, and graphics seem a bit sketchy. A longer time period is provided for "Asia" - the graphic shows that in the 1980s average breast size was 34A and the 1990s it was 34C, not quite as dramatic as the U. The data I mention below in this article comes from reputable sources listed in the "references" section of the atlas. Maps in the atlas provide information about the age of first sexual intercourse worldwide for several dozen countries where data was available. There are far fewer countries with men's data than women's in the atlas (even the U. is missing from the map.)According to the atlas, on any given day, sexual intercourse takes place 120 million times on earth. Among sexually active 16-45 year olds, the most active countries are Russia, the U. Sex is least frequent in Hong Kong at under 50 times a year.

Will Trump’s alarming rise make President Underwood’s power plays, dirty-dealing, and murderous acts seem underwhelming?

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