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But now he was lost in unpacking his rubber luggage.Opening the bigger bags filled the room with the delicious aroma of used cum smeared rubber.This Story is Sponsored by: The Slut Chip:: Chapter 1 – Sissy Doll Fifi John has always been a submissive and otherwise unattractive man.

2.) I do not find sexual material about phonesex offensive.

I understand that when I gain access to this independent phonesex website, I will be exposed to visual images, written descriptions of a sexually oriented, erotic nature, which will possibly include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of sexual activity.

There are three pussy onaholes, each representing three a woman of a different age, and one, apparently ageless, asshole.

This story is a spin-off from the Rubber Sissy Panties series, and will run as a parallel plot line, until maybe merging both into one.

I’m sure my friend wondered what happened to us but I was too deep into the moment to care.

I allowed my clothes to fall from my body while he seduced me with his words.

Naked but for pink rubber panties and a plastic cock trap, he decides to let the delicious aroma linger a bit more and goes trough his mail, until he finds a package with no sender, and “fifi” on the destination name, and his address. Maybe someone found about his playtime and fantasies and now sent several photos by mail, with a threat of sharing with the world unless he started dishing out money.

I’m not the type of girl you can simply just feed cock to and expect me to always stay satisfied. Not just where you kiss on my ass and lick my pussy and be done.

I need the kind where you take your time and make sure that every part of my body is graced with your tongue and sensual touch.

Many seem to fail when it comes to doing what I crave, but my one phone lover always seems to get it right.

Ever since I’ve known him his mission was to make my body shake from intense orgasms.

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