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“We are doing the check-ins for your family now.”He pointed to a makeshift counter at the far corner of the lobby where three female Marriott employees with permanent smiles sat. Each guest received a shell necklace, a set of key cards for the room, a map of the Marriott Goa property and a ‘wedding information booklet’. I wanted to retort but my mother gave me the Mother Look. They stopped the smiles and the check-ins and kept the shell necklaces back in the drawer.“How can we reduce the rooms for the boy’s side?

The Gulatis, or the boy’s side, would take off from Mumbai at three p.m. Twenty hired Innovas would bring them to the hotel by five. p.m.“See, ma’am, we have set up a special desk for the Mehta-Gulati wedding,” Arijit said. Gulatis have a hundred and twenty guests,” my father said.“Exactly.” I threw my hands in the air. Seems like you have money to throw,” Kamla bua said. ” my mother said.“Mehta family has a hundred and seventeen guests, ma’am,” Arijit said, counting from his reservation sheets.“If we only have eighty, that is forty rooms for each side,” I said. Stop the check-ins for the Mehtas right now.”Arijit signaled to the smiling ladies at the counter. They will readjust their allocations on the way here.”“How can you ask the boy’s side to adjust? ” I said and turned to my father, “Dad, Call them.”“Sudarshan, don’t insult them before they even arrive,” Kamla bua said. With so many kids anyway, it should be fine.”“We can manage in thirty,” my mother said.“Mom?

Those of us who are still in relationships enjoy sex as much as at any point in our lives – even if society doesn’t want to think about it.

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After all, why would we want to have sex, once our childbearing years have passed? Women over 60 are still sensual, still full of desire, still yearning for intimacy, and still full of love to give!

As we all know from watching television, women over 60 are supposed to give up such irresponsible things, and settle in to a docile old age of chaste living, matronly wisdom, and unfashionable clothes. In fact, there are many reasons why sex after 60 can be better than ever.

"I have wanted to write a book in female first person for the past several years. The booklet contained the entire programme for the week, including the time, venue and other details of the ceremonies.“My side will take fifty rooms. Suraj was the owner of Moonshine Events, the event manager we had appointed for the wedding.“At the airport,” Arijit said. ” my mother said in a shocked voice.“What else to do?

Not only that, I wanted that book to be about women, and deal with feminism. The Gulatis need fifty too,” I said.“If you take fifty, ma’am, we will have only thirty left for them,” Arijit said.“Where is Suraj?

Gangadhar's award-winning book Molakala Punnami is a collection of 13 short-stories.

It was published in 2006 and is woven around the plight of farmers.

To do all this as a male writer was a huge challenge." The book will be out on 1 October 2016.

On that note, here is an excerpt from the book, made available on Bhagat's blog.

Other uncles and aunts occupied the remaining couches in the lobby - in a Mehta takeover of the Marriott. It signified: ‘Will you ever take initiative in life? I re-focused on the lobby manager.“What can be done now, Arijit? “My family is all here.”We had come on the morning flight from Delhi. Delhi has so many nice banquet halls and farmhouses. ”My mother looked at Kamla bua and me.“But how can we manage in only thirty rooms? Some of us will sleep on the floor.”“Nobody needs to sleep on the floor, bua,” I said. But if we have forty rooms each, it is three to a room.

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