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Yes, there are people like this, but I’m speaking about the rule, not the exceptions.

About 18 million Americans suffer from depression and another 20 million worldwide use dating websites each month, according to Online Dating Magazine.

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I'm going to pack this email with a lot of important insights and tips that are going to completely change the way you relate to men when it comes to sex, so make sure you read all the way to the end... What is a man thinking when it seems like he's "into you" at first, but soon after you get intimate with him, he "cools off" and starts acting distant?

How can you tell if it's too early to sleep with a man?

.” You can choose to agree or disagree, but there’s no denying that sleeping with a guy has a significant impact on the relationship and can either deepen it or turn it into a physical thing without an emotional leg to stand on.

Most men want sex and most women want a commitment.

So, without any more pretense, let’s get into the thick of this. here in the Philippines it is a very common sight to see a man in his sixties married to a young woman in her twenties with their child or two tagging along.

Personally, I live on the small island of Mactan and I see it at least every other day.I received an email from a reader who went through this exact situation. You need to think of sex and relationships as two completely different things that have nothing to do with one another.I think you'll feel her pain and see why I wanted to respond to her: The smartest women often make the greatest mistakes when it comes to men. Because you either tend to over-analyze what you’re doing so that you’re entirely too caught up in your head to listen to what your feelings are telling you about a guy... What makes a man "see your worth" and end up FEELING so strongly for you that he wants a real relationship is something other than sex and PHYSICAL desire and ATTRACTION. I don't know if you see this, but you've moved on to wanting "something serious" right after you and he had sex, thinking that sex of course means there SHOULD be a relationship and he should feel the same way about you. As I've said before, and it bears repeating, the decision to have sex with a woman often has NOTHING to do with whether a man has decided that he wants to "date" you more seriously. Were you up-front and honest about what you were looking for BEFORE you slept with him?And if I go to the larger malls in Cebu, I see it several times a day all through the day.What a rarely see, and by rare I mean perhaps three times in a four-month period..And what can you do if you've ALREADY been physical... It's the real truth about how most men think when it comes to sex and dating in casual and UNCOMMITTED relationships... Just because a man has sex with a woman, it doesn't mean that he's spent even a second of his time deciding whether or not he wants to be with her or have a relationship in the future. a man's not going to ever "see your worth" just because you've slept with him.

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