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They also highlight some of the unique aspects of online media that facilitate this practice.

Implications for both online daters and site producers are discussed. From Veggie for vegetarians to Date for redheads, online dating companies are setting their sights on increasingly specific segments of the population with niche websites that profess to facilitate romantic connections based on shared user characteristics.

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Even mainstream dating services that aim for broader audiences, such as e Harmony and, now feature specialized sections for various subgroups of users based on race, religion, and other distinctive qualities. Brooks explains this trend as an appeal to users’ desires for targeted services, stating, “It’s the same reason why Procter & Gamble makes so many detergents.

Mark Brooks, dating industry consultant and editor of Online Personals, estimates that about 44 percent of all dating sites in the U. We are all drawn to things that cater to our very specific desires” [1].

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