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Old practices, such as a presidential news conference, aren't as important to the White House, while it's become more intent on distributing words and images undiluted through its own channels.

About one in five Americans say they've peed in the pool.

Even the world's most famous pool-user, Michael Phelps, says "everybody" does it.

Howard Stern has been asked many times over the years to name his number one dream guest and his answer has never changed: Neil Young. He wasn't kidding last week when he said he's never going to perform with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young ever again. They had to take my name out." Later in the interview, he referred to Crosby's 1971 album as a work by "whatshisname." Stern joked that Crosby wouldn't like Pono and Young facetiously said, "This Pono player is poisonous. Bono gave him advice about how to write more commercial music. "And Bono commented that the songs needed hooks that went over and over again and more people could hear them." Young didn't take him up on the advice. He's tremendously disappointed in President Obama. "He just opened up the Gulf of Mexico to fracking," he said. "We're going to try and make more in January," he said. "I'm going out paddleboarding with my girlfriend tomorrow morning," he said.

His dream finally came true Tuesday morning when Young entered his studio at Sirius XM headquarters in midtown Manhattan for a 90-minute interview promoting his new book 1. "Just a little tiny bit." Stern gave it up years ago because it makes him paranoid, but Young had the solution. "Playing with Stills and Nash in that band was really great," he said, intentionally leaving out a certain other member. "Like the Gulf of Mexico didn't need a break…Politicians are empowered by the system to do nothing but take money from the corporations that control them. "We're starting to build and scale up, but the demand for them was awesome…We're making this for people that want it. We don't think success is anything you can tangibly see. "It's a beautiful thing…I can't worry about the paparazzi.

Now scientists have finally figured out a way to quantify just how much urine is in our pools, and the results in Environmental Science & Technology Letters probably won't please swimmers.

A research team testing 31 pools and hot tubs in Canada found evidence of urine in every single one of them, Gizmodo reports.

Floor time areas are replete with hideys, food, and water.

This daily event is the perfect time to introduce new activities and exciting places to explore while giving your cavy the routine and exercise it needs. While a guinea pig keeper should be performing weekly health checks and regular maintenance tasks (along with snuggle-time and frequent daily interaction), it is no substitute for the exercise and stimulation afforded by floor time.

It reflects a growing and perhaps inevitable tension between those seeking access to President Obama and a West Wing trying to control its "message," especially given social media tools that make it easier to circumvent the press.

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