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Qubitekk is also working on a photonic quantum computer.

In late 2016, Qubitekk will release a scientific paper describing the company’s new approach to photonic qubits.

Ever since Edward Snowden made public that the NSA attempts to intervene most communications, secure communications and data encryption have been crucial in the popular eye for the past few years.

Gilles Brassard was supported in part by Canada's NSERC.

This work was performed while John Smolin was visiting IBM Research.

There is an incredible amount of funding going into computer security at the moment, and we recently profiled 9 hot cyber security startups, some of which are using artificial intelligence to identify security threats.

We also put together a portfolio of 10 cyber security stocks that you can buy and trade just like a mini-ETF as seen below: With cyber security receiving a tremendous amount of investing for all sides, we’re not surprised to see at least 5 startups working on quantum cryptography. Founded in 2012, Qubitekk has taken in at least $2 million in funding (in additions to various grants) in order to develop a machine-to-machine communication device that can help protect critical infrastructure like electrical grids or oil pipelines.

At the banquet, the space communications group of NICT plans to present a free-space laser communication system and will try to establish an optical link between the banquet room "Sirius" (37F) and a room in another building (Hotel New Otani 37F, about 1 km away).

In the experiment, optical tracking and scintillation measurements will be demonstrated in the presence of high-rise building sway.

The key takeaway was that while today’s encryption methods can take millions of years to crack, this might change when quantum computing goes mainstream.

Quantum cryptography promises to give us a far more secure method of encrypting messages, even one that might be impossible to hack just based on the rules of physics.

Their solution works as follows: A key part of the above solution is the world’s first plug-and-play entangled photon generator, the QES.

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