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The internet's torrent sites are proving to be as difficult to kill as the mythological Hydra, where cutting off one head results in two taking its place.With the recent shutdown of Kick Ass Torrents and Torrentz, two of the World Wide Web's most prominent torrent providers, the previous king of peer-to-peer file sharing has once more emerged to take its place as the world's premier site for illegal downloading.

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A search is performed on The Pirate Bay Web site on a computer monitor in Frankfurt, Germany, Monday, November 7, 2005. Thanks to advances in Internet download technology, he doesn't have to.

Pete Morison, a film studies graduate student from Cambridge, England, can't wait for new episodes of 'The Simpsons'' to be broadcast on British television three months after their U. (Photo : Getty images) Ever since there were several questions raised over the use of Kick Ass Torrent for downloading stuff from various internet sources, numerous other effective alternates came under the limelight. is another active alternative of kickass torrents that can be used to download movies, games and apps and all other torrents available on the original KAT domain.

It was one of the first clones to come up after KAT was shut down.

Besides making downloading easy, they have catered its users with a platform that has brought them back to their daily schedule of video world after the Torrent breakdown period. lodged a complained against its owner Artem Vaulin.

Presenting the best clones/substitutes for Kick Ass Torrent Site: Regarded as the true copy of the original kickass torrent official website, is still a replica with the original KAT torrent library.The domain is the brainchild of famous torrenting site Iso Hunt.It can be used to download movies, games, apps, TV shows and much more.Users of torrent sites such as the Pirate Bay could be seeing their final days of free TV and film downloads in the UK.Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Virgin Media and Sky will shortly give customers a 20-day warning to stop illegally downloading TV, music and films.Internet Providers have tried to cut off users from these sites before by blocking their IP addresses.

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