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A set of recently conducted urban ground based and airborne NMVOC flux measurements revealed the usefulness to test bottom-up emission inventories and revealed significant discrepancies for some species at an urban location allows a direct comparison of relative flux ratios with bottom-up emission sources.

emission sources is therefore of immanent relevance for climate and air chemistry models as well as air pollution management and health.

Here we report simultaneous eddy covariance flux measurements of NO.

Each year approximately 6 million vehicles pass through the east-west facing valley, which is about 10 km wide surrounded by mountain ridges about 2.5 km high.

The valley topography leads to a very predictable and pronounced wind system characterized by a topographic amplification factor (TAF) of about 3 limit values, the area is in non-attainment.

It’s too early to tell yet, but if we can use him and he’s available to us, then I think that would be absolutely brilliant.

There’s always a possibility he will be busy, or that his schedule for other movies won’t allow — basically, we don’t know at this stage.” READ MORE: Podcast: Over/Under Movies Pits ‘Watchmen’ Against ‘Dredd’ Previously, Urban has said he’d like to revisit the character, but that was for a potential film sequel.One of the more exciting, and surprising, recent TV announcements is about “Judge Dredd: Mega-City One.” The potential TV show based on the long-running comic series was thought to be impossible after the latest film adaptation, “Dredd,” failed to make a splash at the box office.Now, after the TV announcement, fans are at least hoping they can get actor Karl Urban to return to the role.A TV-series commitment is another thing altogether.While it would satisfy fans to have Urban back, Judge Dredd is a character that always wears his helmet that conceals his face, so it’s not the end of the world to recast." delivers on the best of film noirs -- a main character driven by revenge, who is forced to choose between the truth he knows, the evidence against that truth, and the woman he loves most in the world," Iervolino said in a statement Thursday.

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