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I’m still writing rock music, of course, that’s on the horizon here and there, but most of my time is actually spent doing more classical type of compositions. There’s a certain amount of preciousness to maintain throughout the whole process. They’d come over to the studio; we’d hang, order some food, go through the different cues and talk about them. That’s great, considering the subject matter is so heavy.What’s the writing process like for this kind of material? Once I’ve got the script, I usually get a few ideas musically and start extrapolating them, usually on the piano. Then I’ll have a conversation with the director and see what sort of sound they envision. Once you get that, then you have your colors and it limits you, which is great because you know on my own music, I get to be unlimited in everything I want to do. There are horror elements, mystery elements; it’s a strong, dark drama about how to deal with loss.His first poetry book, ‘Cool Gardens’ established him as a successful poet as well.

Through his career, he has released five alums with the band, ‘System of a Down’ and has additionally released three solo albums as well.

When Tankian is not performing or recording songs in the studio, he dons his creative hat and pens poetry.

His feelings for human rights, genocides, animal rights and social justice have helped contour his lyrical style for music and have also helped shape his personality.

Serj Tankian (Armenian: Սերժ Թանգեան) is the Armenian-American lead vocalist for System of a Down, as well as a keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter for the band.

The former frontman for the Armenian-American rock band "System of a Down" has inspired a generation of Armenian youth and used his fame to unabashedly introduce the world to Armenians and their issues.

Tankian can be the poster child for the Armenian Diaspora in the 20th century.Knowing minimal English, they moved from the virtual war zone of Beirut to Hollywood in 1975.Serj Tankian is an international superstar by any account.When it’s a film, step one is reading the script, seeing if I like it, talking to the director and really appreciating and respecting them creatively. [.] Then I’ll really get into it and share the things I have in mind based on the storytelling, emotions, geography and all of that. And I’d be like, “Um, what I think is already in there, dude! ” In addition to being a writer/director, Alec Mouhibian is also a comedian. He’s a good writer, you know, and a very funny guy in general. The film is about a theater director who puts on this production on April 24, 2015, the one-hundredth anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.If they’re into that, then I’ll wait for the final cut, technically. He has this dark mystical intuition that things are going to change, that there’s going to be almost a time warp because of the event itself.Serj Tankian is a renowned musician and lead vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning rock band, ‘System of a Down’.

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