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However, if they were caught dating again (or still dating), then the rage with an Oreogate 2.0 would be amazing.

According to Koreaboo, there were reports that a top female and a top male star in the KPop world are currently dating.

Though there were piled of speculations, the strongest one is about GD and Taeyeon.

” and G-Dragon soon uploaded a post on Instagram writing in Japanese “I will be in Japan for 3 days starting today.” G-Dragon who is never known to write such long descriptions sparked the curiosity of his fans with a long message written out in Japanese.

The two were spotted sporting similar coats, but what sparked the curiosity of shippers was Tae Yeon’s patch that said “Love Peace” … “Peace Minus One” is a phrase that is highly correlated with G-Dragon!

Though Mizuhara and GD never confirmed anything, reasons behind their alleged breakup are still kept hidden from the public.

Now, as time goes by, since GD revealed that he is single and Taeyeon alredy broken up with EXO member Baekhyun, the two are once again linked to each other after they posted a similar image and wore similar accessories which are a big deal in Korea when it comes to declaring a relationship.It looks that The two and their agencies concluded that it is beneficial for them to break up fictitiously. The announcement about their breakup allayed fans’ rage.Really hope this is true since they never officially broke up, but many fans think they have, and that calmed down their rage.But now they’ve moved on with more evidence for Taeyeon and G-Dragon’s relationship.Last year, rumors rampantly spread across social media that G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, and Taeyeon, the leader of Girls’ Generation, were in a relationship.However, they’re acting as if they’ve already broken up, while many media outlets have reported about it.

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