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I was actually in the room with Tegan when I was writing a bunch of that song.We were working with Jesse Shatkin, who had worked with Greg Kurstin on Heartthrob with us. I’m trying to use our experience as sisters and our conflict when we were younger. I was really tapping back into how complicated our relationship is.

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), can only be interpreted as sparkling '80s-inspired contemporary dance-pop, a synth-rich marriage of New Zealand's Ladyhawke, Sweden's Lykke Li and Katy Perry, the latter of whom they opened for on the 2014 "Prismatic" tour.

"Boyfriend" has already been followed up with a bouncy, bona fide earworm, "U-Turn," that seems to owe as much a tip of the hat to Tom Tom Club's iconic '80s ditty "Genius of Love" as Norway's electro-diva Annie.

Every one of the album's 10 songs will be accompanied by a video created in collaboration with "directors and artists who are queer, or transgender, or women, or people of color," Tegan stated.

For 36 years, Tegan and Sara Quin have shared a face and a voice.

They are two wholes but also two halves — a seemingly impossible math riddle to navigate and negotiate as people, sisters, musicians and business partners. It's a long ways from being scrappy, 15-year-old Calgary punks, but after more than 20 years perfecting their songwriting and strategic building, near blow-ups and brilliant risk-taking, Tegan and Sara have crafted the all-too-rare third (but by no means final) act: mainstream pop stardom.

In a world that romanticizes the unique, Tegan and Sara opted to double-down, selling their art and themselves as a package deal. 1980 to 1996Born on September 19, 1980 in Calgary, to parents who are barely out of their teens themselves, Tegan Rain Quin arrives eight minutes ahead of her twin sister Sara Keirsten Quin.

Whether they're doing punky acoustic, polished rock, or their new sound today where you can’t hear a single guitar, Tegan and Sara write love songs and breakup songs that anyone can get into. When you're younger, things sort of live in this nebulous place where you haven't yet experienced it.

Over breakfast earlier this month, we used each of the new album’s 10 tracks as jumping-off points to discuss all sides of Tegan and Sara: politics and process, the changing industry and how they stay healthy, and, finally, the mutual respect and ambition that has enabled the sisters to, as Sara puts it, “elevate ourselves to satisfy each other.” And in between their answers, hear four brand-new remixes of “Boyfriend,” debuting here today. As Canadians, there's an enormous amount of what Bernie talks about that resonates with us, but I do feel that Hillary is inevitable. That’s not good for your audience because your audience wants to see you challenging yourself. Like, you have never been broken up with or you haven't had someone die suddenly or you haven't had the shock of parent being diagnosed with a disease or you haven't done these things.

Tegan popped in while I was writing the lyrics, and it was funny because she would pipe up and say, “What if you sing this thing? I’m not saying that in the room, but that’s what I’m doing. I’m like, “No, I don’t really like that line.” I can see her getting frustrated, like, “I’m just trying to help! I knew you wrote about your sibling relationship more with this record, but I never would have guessed “100x” was one of those songs. Because our relationship is in such a good place, it’s easier to analyze and look back at just how bad it was at times.

For a lot of career, we were really struggling with trying to get people to avoid innuendo about sexuality and our sibling relationship.

"We always joke that with lesbians, you go on one date and are monogamous and moving in together," she said.

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